Nepal Solar Sisters Relief for Schools

Mani Chud


Mani Chud is a small village which lies above Sankhu town on the eastern edge of the Kathmandu Valley.  This school is also above the Vajrayogini School.  Mani Chud serves over 200 children for basic lower education.
HLF has supplied school study kits after the earthquake and will soon be providing solar photovoltaic electric systems so that the school can power some computers that the students can learn on.

Vajrayogini is a school which lies above Sankhu town on the eastern edge of the Kathmandu Valley.  Vajrayogini School also serves over 250 children for basic lower education.
HLF has supplied school study kits after the earthquake and will soon be providing solar photovoltaic electric systems so that the school can power some computers that the students can learn on.

You can support these schools by contributing to the cost of the Solar Electric power system which will be installed by a Solar Sisters Volunteer this year.  The system is being installed in modular sections of $1,250 each section and can be expanded as uses progress and increase.

Donate to support these schools

Quantity    Item

4                             Solar Module 200Wp, 24V.

1                              Installation materials for complete PV system (Includes                                      DC cables, concrete screws,flexible pipe and other                                              materials required for PV Array installation*

4                              Solar Tubular Battery 150Ah/12V

1                              Pure sine wave Solar Hybrid Inverter with                                                                  charge controller 40A, 1500VA/24V

1                              Combiner box

2                              Aluminum Mounting frame for 2*250PV array

Phende Care Children's Orphanage

"After his three year meditation retreat was completed, my old friend Lama Urgyen Nyima's compassion blossomed in the form of this orphanage called Phende care.  The children have extremely little support and require books, school clothes,  shoes and bedding. Bodhivastu is currently supporting these children and we need your help to continue so please help as you can.  I visited some months ago and we have sent our first round of support." 

- Lama Rangbar Nyima Ozer

Phende Care is located in Satikhyel on the way to Pharping.  As you can see in the photos, the area allows for many beautiful local day trips during which the children get plenty of exercise.  

Donate to Phende Care Orphanage

Nepal Relief Update 5/5/16


To date, Bodhivastu Foundation and the Himalayan Light Foundation, have mobilized $77,000 into the field as part of it's disaster relief initiative. Over the past several months Bodhivastu and HLF have shifted their humanitarian focus in Nepal from emergency first response disaster relief to more long term projects including it's Solar Powered Ozone Water Treatment Systems (SPOWTS™) program in remote villages. A single SPOWTS system can provide upwards of 500 liters of clean drinking water per day, enough for all villagers who would otherwise not have access to clean drinking water.

Recently, with donations received through Bodhivastu Foundation and also support from The Trojan Battery company in USA, HLF has installed two SPOWTS systems with more locations being identified for future installations. The most recent installations focused on a community center in the village of Ramechaap as well as the Muna Devi School in the village of Pasavar. Please see the photos galleries below for both completed projects.


Muna Devi School of Pasavar

One SPOWTS system was installed at Shree Muni Devi Secondary School of Pasavar Village. The school has 170 students and teachers. The children were very happy with the SPOWTS system at their school and now they are able to drink clean ozonated water anytime in the school. It took 45 minutes to purify 200 liters of water at the school. All the teachers and school children tested the water. An agreement was signed between Lotus Energy and the School management committee for the timely maintenance of the water treatment system so that they will have access to clean water many years into the future.


Fedi Village of Ramechaap

We have recently completed a SPOWTS project in the Ramechaap district. One SPOWTS system was installed at a newly constructed community building with the support from five Australian volunteers through HLF Solar Sisters program in January 2016. They traveled to Fedi Village of Ramechaap with HLF representatives and inaugurated the community building with the Fedi villagers.


We have installed one SPOWTS system in the building as per our plan so that the villagers of Fedi can drink clean ozonated water and can be saved from various water borne dieses. To install the system two technicians from Lotus Energy and one HLF representative was sent to village who completed the installation as well provided basic hands on training on handling of SPOWTS system to the village committee. The technical group ozonated the regular water that the villagers used to drink which took 30 minutes to ozone 200 liters of water. The group along with villagers tested the first ozonated water in the village. The villagers are so happy with the support. Now they have one new community building with complete solar lights and a SPOWTS system. This the greatest gift we can ever offer to any community with such a complete package. 

Nepal Relief Update 6/10/15

To date Bodhivastu Foundation has delivered and distributed over $35,000 worth of supplies to Nepal villages in the form of shelter, food, medical supplies and other essential items. The efforts of Bodhivastu and the Himalayan Light Foundation team, affiliate partners and local Nepal groups as well as the generous donors who have supported our work have provided lifesaving materials for over 700 Nepalese families, roughly 4,000 people.

If it wasn't for the relief aid of small NGO's like Bodhivastu and the Himalayan Light Foundation, and others most of these areas would have otherwise received no other support in the first several weeks of this immense natural disaster.

We will continue to support villages with a lasting presence in Nepal and the rehabilitation of its communities and national heritage sites. We are continuing to provide essential supplies and shelter to desperate communities and we are now planning the implementation of Solar Powered Ozone Water Treatment Systems (SPOWTS) in remote village communities and schools. We are also currently working on logistic development for the reconstruction of several remote schools. 

Bodhivastu's HRI Program has begun work to support several heritage site reconstructions including Sankhu, to restore Vajrayogini / Ugra Tara (Ajima), Boudhanath, and Swayambunath temple areas.

Recent Distributions

Village of Ramechaap, Duragaun - May 26th, 2015

We have successfully completed the first round of tent distribution in Dura Village of Ramechaap district on May 26th, 2015 in collaboration with "The Himalayan Indigenous Society (HIS-Nepal)".  HLF and the Himalayan Indigenous Society (HIS-Nepal) team traveled  to Dura Village and distributed 295 tents. 


Upper Sankhu - May 30th, 2015

Bodhivastu and HLF distributed tin roofing to 180 families above the town of Sankhu Vajrayogini on May 30th. This material is vital to make temporary shelters that can withstand the intense weather conditions of the monsoon season.


Tso-Gyal-Ge-Phel-Jong - June 2015

Bodhivastu and HLF assistant Gori Lama, (pictured below), distributed several tents to several seniors who are spiritual retreatants at Tsogyal Ge Phel Jong senior living center.  This senior retreat center was established by Tharchin Rinpoche, (see photo of Lama Tharchin and family taken by Lama Rangbar circa 1990).  6 tents were distributed as an initial assistance while work began to assess the longer term needs.  Buildings are cracked and an engineer's opinion is necessary.  Bodhivastu and HLF plan a second round of assistance later this month or by early July.




Nepal Relief Update: 5/21/15

I: Overview of the Situation in Nepal

Over three weeks have passed since the initial disaster struck the Kingdom of Nepal. The Nepalese have endured an unimaginable amount of suffering and hardship. As desperation and challenges mount, the story of Nepal's tragedy is falling out of media headlines. Many organizations are removing their aid teams exactly when more help is needed than ever before.

Tourism, has almost come to a standstill and a majority of affected people must relay on the support of organizations for for food and shelter until sustainable infrastructure can be established. Until today, most of the total affected population are still sleeping outside without proper shelter, if any.

The extreme weather conditions of the monsoon are approaching quickly and Illness and disease may increase exponentially due to extended exposure to the heavy rains. Therefore proper shelter and clean water are our organization's current priorities.


  • 3 more major earthquakes (above 5.0) and over 200 substantial aftershocks have hit Nepal, the latter of which still continue to this day. 
  • The toll has surpassed 8,500 people with over 20,000 reported injured. 
  • Over 700,000 homes and other structures vital to everyday life, wellbeing and livelihood of the Nepalese, have been reduced to rubble and dirt leaving an estimated 2.8 million people displaced and many still in desperate need of aid at the latest count.


II: HLF and Bodhivastu's Accomplishments

We have raised over $60,000 for the humanitarian portion of our response Donations coming in from 36 U.S. states and and over 24 countries.

Bodhivastu and The Himalayan Light Foundation (our local Nepal sister organization) has now mobilized over $22,000 worth of emergency supplies into the field in the form of food, shelter, medical supplies and attention, and other essentials. HLF Nepal has provided this aid to three regions including several remote areas.  Our resources are being distributed between several teams to help as many villages as we are able.

With our continued work alongside the JICA Alumni association we are providing aid to upper Sankhu areas and surrounding villages. As food and essential items are being delivered and distributed according to the needs of the areas we are reaching, our latest order of metal roofing will be arriving soon in time for the rain season to provide stable shelter for over 120 families.

With the ongoing help of the Helambu Relief Distribution Centre we were able to serve remote villages in the Helambu (Yolmo) Region. More details below.


Helambu Region

Report of aid outreach as of May 16th

Our HLF coordinators worked closely with a team of dedicated volunteer service providers from the Helambu Relief Distribution Centre to bring aid to around 9 remote villages in the Helambu Region who would otherwise receive little to no aid due to their remoteness. Our funds brought into the field have been helping to fill supply runs between Kathmandu and these remote areas.  We are facing major landslides and closed roads.

  • 3,000 people (about 500 families) have received aid with the help of HLF and funds raised by Bodhivastu in the following areas.

    Milamchim Gyang (450*)
    Nakote Gaun (250*) 
    Nyima Dompo (200*)
    Tarke Gyang/Dupedong (120*)
    Dupkhang, Milarepa Cave Area (200*)
    Gangyul (150*) 
    Timbu (400*)
    Sermathang Kiul (400*)
    Shongonche, Chhumik (350*)

    *total population
  • 100% of the buildings were destroyed in 7 out of 9 of the above towns, leaving the entire population homeless
  • Supplies has been distributed in the form of: 

    -Shelter: Tents, tarps, metal roofing, and additional tools and materials to construct temporary housing.

-Food stuffs and cooking supplies: Rice, Dahl, Noodles, Potatoes, Flower and other essential food and supplies


-Medical supplies: Also utilized by medics working alongside the Helambu Relief Distribution Centre  

-Hygeine products and other essential items

Lalitpur District

Report from recent distribution with JICA Alumni

  • This round of relief supplies were distributed in Lalitpur, Lele VDC Ward no. 4, Saurya Gaun and Ward no. 7 Rana Gaun
  •  56 Families were supplied essentials including rice, cooking oil, salt, tents and sleeping mats
  • The supplies were distributed by our HLF Nepal representative Ms. Shanti Laxmi Shakya (pictured bottom left), Treasurer of Himalayan Light Foundation/Nepal and Secretary of JICA Alumni Association/ Nepal with other JICA Alumni members.

Both Himalayan Light Foundation and Bodhivastu Foundation are now turning our focus towards Solar Power Ozone water Treatment Systems, (SPOWTS), monsoon shelters, school rebuilding and small solar lighting systems.  Please remember that the Nepalese need your continued support.

HLF cares about its family, friends and companions, devastated by the recent events. We are committed to the long term reconstruction of Nepal and we  ask that you continue supporting all efforts to provide relief to this ailing nation, especially to the organizations who will be remaining in the country long term.

Nepal Relief Update: 05/08/15

Your efforts are making a difference.

Yesterday alone 85 Families were fed at our emergency relief center in Sankhu Vajrayogini, totaling 510 people. Food stocks are building allowing for us to provide food to more and more people everyday.

Supply Lines are established allowing consistent transportation of essential supplies which are being distributed by the Bodhivastu Himalayan Light Foundation teams. Our team in Yolmo has grown to 30 and the Sankhu Emergency Relief Center is now staffing 14 people. We are now partnering with JICA and the Helambu Relief Distribution Team to increase our outreach and effectiveness in the field.



The local USA team of 9 volunteers is currently assessing and planning the second phase of our efforts in Nepal. We will not be leaving after the initial emergency aid is established, we are in for the long-haul.

Bodhivastu and HLF will continue for the long-term in Nepal to help provide solar power to remote villages
 and restore the now greatly damaged cultural and historic heritage.

The Issue:

We have 1 month before the monsoon season starts. What does this mean?

The heavy rains will pose a significant danger for over a million Nepalese without shelter. The conditions may cause disease outbreaks and serious illness. Without the proper shelters set up and medical personal to treat people this could be another severe crisis for the people of Nepal.

What is needed:
  • Tents and other temporary shelters
  • Medical supplies and more trained medical staff. We currently have 4 paramedics awaiting transport into Nepal.
  • Continued food supplies
  • Satellite phones
  • small solar energy systems to be distributed by HLF




Current Bullet Report as of 05/04/15

Death toll: Across Nepal over 7,000
Injured:  14,000 +
Aftershocks less frequent but have not yet ceased

  • We have established alliances with JICA and the Helambu Relief Distribution Team in the field
  • Relief centers are now established and fully functional in Sankhu Vajrayogini and Yolmo (Helambu).
  • Our Yolmo team has grown to 30 Volunteers (10 foreign, 20 local)
  • Our Sankhu Emergency Relief Center is now staffed by 14 people (4 staff and 10 local volunteers)
  • Supply lines are now well established and continual allowing for easy transportation of food and other supplies.
  • USA team now planning reconstruction initiative.