Nepal Relief Update 5/5/16


To date, Bodhivastu Foundation and the Himalayan Light Foundation, have mobilized $77,000 into the field as part of it's disaster relief initiative. Over the past several months Bodhivastu and HLF have shifted their humanitarian focus in Nepal from emergency first response disaster relief to more long term projects including it's Solar Powered Ozone Water Treatment Systems (SPOWTS™) program in remote villages. A single SPOWTS system can provide upwards of 500 liters of clean drinking water per day, enough for all villagers who would otherwise not have access to clean drinking water.

Recently, with donations received through Bodhivastu Foundation and also support from The Trojan Battery company in USA, HLF has installed two SPOWTS systems with more locations being identified for future installations. The most recent installations focused on a community center in the village of Ramechaap as well as the Muna Devi School in the village of Pasavar. Please see the photos galleries below for both completed projects.


Muna Devi School of Pasavar

One SPOWTS system was installed at Shree Muni Devi Secondary School of Pasavar Village. The school has 170 students and teachers. The children were very happy with the SPOWTS system at their school and now they are able to drink clean ozonated water anytime in the school. It took 45 minutes to purify 200 liters of water at the school. All the teachers and school children tested the water. An agreement was signed between Lotus Energy and the School management committee for the timely maintenance of the water treatment system so that they will have access to clean water many years into the future.


Fedi Village of Ramechaap

We have recently completed a SPOWTS project in the Ramechaap district. One SPOWTS system was installed at a newly constructed community building with the support from five Australian volunteers through HLF Solar Sisters program in January 2016. They traveled to Fedi Village of Ramechaap with HLF representatives and inaugurated the community building with the Fedi villagers.


We have installed one SPOWTS system in the building as per our plan so that the villagers of Fedi can drink clean ozonated water and can be saved from various water borne dieses. To install the system two technicians from Lotus Energy and one HLF representative was sent to village who completed the installation as well provided basic hands on training on handling of SPOWTS system to the village committee. The technical group ozonated the regular water that the villagers used to drink which took 30 minutes to ozone 200 liters of water. The group along with villagers tested the first ozonated water in the village. The villagers are so happy with the support. Now they have one new community building with complete solar lights and a SPOWTS system. This the greatest gift we can ever offer to any community with such a complete package.