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Nepal Earthquake Disaster Relief:
  HLF's Immediate Field Response

HLF's USA and Nepal teams both sprang into action within a day of the massive 7.9 earthquake that struck the region on April 25th, 2015. The earthquake which has left to date over 8,500 dead and more than 17,000 injured has also left a wake of hundreds of thousands of hard-to-reach villagers sleeping outside of the remaining piles of rubble that once were their homes.  The Nepalese need your help and support at this critical time.  See more about our on-the-ground immediate relief programs and our long term strategies for Nepal's recovery.

Short Term:
Immediate Disaster Relief Aid

The Himalayan Light Foundation along with its sister organization the Bodhivastu Foundation are coordinating with local and international groups to offer vital services and provisions to several remote areas of Nepal affected by the earthquake. The Bodhivastu / HLF  team is currently providing emergency relief to the difficult to reach areas of  Helambu and Drupadrong in the Yolmo region as well as the upper villages of Sankhu Vajrayogini, and the Kartike villages near Jarsing Pauwa.

Long Term:
Rebuilding Heritage and Home

The Himalayan Light Foundation in partnership with the Bodhivastu Foundation has initiated three humanitarian programs, one to provide Solar Powered Ozone Water Treatment Systems (SPOWTS™) and a second to provide small individual solar powered lighting systems to remote villages. A third long term project to rebuild Nepal's cultural and spiritual heritage sites, the Heritage Renewal Initiative or HRI will focus on three important sites throughout Nepal.


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