A Solar Sisters Volunteer Team

A Solar Sisters Volunteer Team

1.  Solar Sisters Renewable Energy Relief Corps (Ongoing since 1997)
Solar Sisters is one of the few programs in Nepal which has sustainably facilitated clean renewable rural community electrification  by installing volunteer and trekker- subsidized solar electric lighting systems in remote community-owned buildings used for community development.  Each installation project is made possible by foreign volunteer / donors who travel to Nepal and subsidize a solar electric lighting system, participate in a brief training and installation course and then travel to the field to visit a village where they install the systems they have donated.  Solar Sisters  in one of the world’s most unique philanthropic engaged eco-tourism programs one can find.

In Solar Sisters volunteer programs, participants spend between one and two weeks in the field installing the solar electricity system in beneficiary villages. Participants work in small teams in collaboration with local villagers and guided by an experienced renewable energy technician.  During the program, village stays are arranged for volunteers and cultural exchanges are emphasized. Since the inception of the Solar Sisters Program, over 150 community centers, health posts, monasteries and schools in several districts of Nepal have been reached by the program through the active philanthropy of the international solar sisters program volunteers.

2. Heritage Renewal Initiative (HRI)

In addition to our humanitarian work, The Himalayan Light Foundation has responded to Nepal's massive cultural heritage loss that resulted from the recent earthquake.  Local Nepal heritage must be taken into consideration when moving forward with an overall rebuilding strategy for Nepal.  HLF is therefore joined together with The Bodhivastu Foundation in a special response to this need called: The Heritage Renewal Initiative (HRI), to help repair and restore at least three major heritage sites: Boudhanath Stupa, and Sankhu Vajrayogini Temples.

3. Solar Power Ozone Water Treatment Systems (SPOWTS)

SPOWTS began as method to help reduce plastic bottle waste in remote trekking areas and also to enable local villagers along the trail an opportunity to sustainably produce and sell purified water to trekkers visiting their areas.  The program mainly focuses its efforts in the Solo Khumbu region and Annapurna trekking circuits.


4. Emergency relief for Helambu, (Yolmo), Upper Sankhu and Kartike earthquake affected areas

The Himalayan Light Foundation (HLF) supported by The Bodhivastu Foundation has  provided vital services to remote Nepal areas for nearly 20 years.  We work with several local partners, and bi-lateral support organizations.  In particular, The Bodhivastu / HLF  team provided emergency relief in the form of food, shelter and medical attention, to the difficult to reach areas of  Helambu (Yolmo) region as well as the upper villages of Sankhu Vajrayogini and Kartike village during the past earthquake.  HLF partnered with local organizations such as The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Alumni Association and Yolmo Youth Groups to highly leverage our effective field capacity.