Nepal Relief Update 6/10/15

To date Bodhivastu Foundation has delivered and distributed over $35,000 worth of supplies to Nepal villages in the form of shelter, food, medical supplies and other essential items. The efforts of Bodhivastu and the Himalayan Light Foundation team, affiliate partners and local Nepal groups as well as the generous donors who have supported our work have provided lifesaving materials for over 700 Nepalese families, roughly 4,000 people.

If it wasn't for the relief aid of small NGO's like Bodhivastu and the Himalayan Light Foundation, and others most of these areas would have otherwise received no other support in the first several weeks of this immense natural disaster.

We will continue to support villages with a lasting presence in Nepal and the rehabilitation of its communities and national heritage sites. We are continuing to provide essential supplies and shelter to desperate communities and we are now planning the implementation of Solar Powered Ozone Water Treatment Systems (SPOWTS) in remote village communities and schools. We are also currently working on logistic development for the reconstruction of several remote schools. 

Bodhivastu's HRI Program has begun work to support several heritage site reconstructions including Sankhu, to restore Vajrayogini / Ugra Tara (Ajima), Boudhanath, and Swayambunath temple areas.

Recent Distributions

Village of Ramechaap, Duragaun - May 26th, 2015

We have successfully completed the first round of tent distribution in Dura Village of Ramechaap district on May 26th, 2015 in collaboration with "The Himalayan Indigenous Society (HIS-Nepal)".  HLF and the Himalayan Indigenous Society (HIS-Nepal) team traveled  to Dura Village and distributed 295 tents. 


Upper Sankhu - May 30th, 2015

Bodhivastu and HLF distributed tin roofing to 180 families above the town of Sankhu Vajrayogini on May 30th. This material is vital to make temporary shelters that can withstand the intense weather conditions of the monsoon season.


Tso-Gyal-Ge-Phel-Jong - June 2015

Bodhivastu and HLF assistant Gori Lama, (pictured below), distributed several tents to several seniors who are spiritual retreatants at Tsogyal Ge Phel Jong senior living center.  This senior retreat center was established by Tharchin Rinpoche, (see photo of Lama Tharchin and family taken by Lama Rangbar circa 1990).  6 tents were distributed as an initial assistance while work began to assess the longer term needs.  Buildings are cracked and an engineer's opinion is necessary.  Bodhivastu and HLF plan a second round of assistance later this month or by early July.