HLF programs are all made possible by your caring and active support.  Our programs serve the neediest of the populations by daring to go where others do not or cannot go.  We try our best to assure that less overhead is spent while implementing our programs so that you hard earned funds can be reach to where they are truly most needed.

General unrestricted donations are by far, the easiest for us to implement and we can also use these to augment operative programs or simply for those villages in need of fast support. 

However, if you would like to make a donation to HLF to support a specific program, you can either mention the specifics when making your pledge of assistance by e-mail or use the side links on this page to support specific programs.  USA taxpayers receive a special tax deduction for donations made to HLF USA which is a 501-C-3 organization and whatever support you do offer, HLF makes special efforts to let you know where your hard earned support goes to in the field in order to allow supporters to share in the knowledge and good feeling of really helping those in need.

Please give generously to our grass roots causes which assure true humanitarian relief, vital service provision and cultural preservation responses using conscientious environmental  practices and overall outlook.  We work hard so that you can make a real difference in the lives of those forgotten by others.