Solar Siblings

Solar Siblings

Solar Siblings and HLF Staff  with Bhutanese students

As a result of the operation of Solar Sisters this past year and the outreach of our program, the feedback we have obtained has helped us to design another innovative HLF program to be associated with Solar Sisters called "Solar Siblings".

One of the first real international interactions between school going aged kids was between the Dwight Englewood School in Englewood New Jersey, USA and the Wolathang School in Punakha Bhutan.

In this trailblazing and heart-warming program, the high school junior students of the Dwight Englewood school traveled to Bhutan to donate and install a solar lighting system at the Wolathang school.  In order to cover some of the costs of the Solar system itself, the students of Dwight Englewood took to their contacts to raise funds and were able to raise sufficient funds for two solar lighting systems, enough to bring light to each room in the Bhutan school building including the admin office.

The younger siblings of the teenagers in Green Meadow Waldorf School who were not able to come, sent their good wishes by painting their own creative and beautiful prayer flags as gifts for the Bhutanese students.  In celebration and appreciation of their new solar lighting system and their prayer flag gift, the Bhutanese students and their parents offerings included traditional native Bhutanese dances.  The younger children in America watched these dances in photographs and on video when the teenagers returned.

Soon, it became clear that schools like this could all benefit from having a solar powered computer so they could learn valuable technical skills for their future and keep pace with today's fast moving technical world.

Solar Siblings
Students offering dances to USA Students 

As a result, HLF is commencing the new Solar Siblings program to bridge the gap between students in developed countries who have access to computer technology and those in the developing world who do not.

This new program also promises to form a unique cultural learning and interaction bridge between

worlds of young students from several different countries thereby adding to our global awareness about our differences, our reliance on each other and about renewable energy technologies for our shared environment.  Become part of this new program by organizing support from your school!

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